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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Every farm selling locally is a CSA in a way, but the formal model of a CSA has the added element of farm members who choose to make a commitment to a particular farm over the course of a season. This commitment is expressed financially by the members when they buy a share in the farm before the season begins.

Some reasons for joining a CSA are to receive fresh fruits and vegetables, support the regional economy, and help to maintain open land and the wildlife, plants, and people that depend on it. Membership in a CSA shows an extra level of commitment to these goals by actively supporting a particular farm.

A member’s share in the farm extends not only to the harvest, but to the acceptance of the possibility that because of weather, disease, insects, and/or earthquakes (and as was the case here in 2015, marauding porcupines) there may be some limits on the crops that are available. As in, plenty of beets this year, but why so few tomatoes? Amazingly, most crops in most years make it through the gauntlet of variables and end up on our plates.

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Order what you want, when you want!

This online market is different from many Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in one significant way.

Instead of receiving a share each week of vegetables that have been selected for you, members can order just what they want in the quantity they want (subject to availability), just as in past years with this online market.

Also, members can decide to skip ordering for a week or two here or there, for whatever reason. You just have to keep in mind that any funds left in your account won’t be refunded at the end of the season or rolled-over to the next.

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Are we organic?

We became Certified Organic through the state of NH in 1989. In 2002 the National Organic program was instituted and the NH Dept of Agriculture became a certifying agent overseen by the federal government. This brought increased paperwork and a sense that the program was no longer appropriate for a small farm such as ours that was marketing locally. We left that program and joined a farmer-initiated one called Certified Naturally Grown and are now on our own as of 2017. Our practices haven’t changed, but because we’re not a part of the federal program we’re not allowed to refer to the farm as organic.

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How long will produce be available?

Our goal is to have an 18 week season that runs from mid-late June to late October/early November.

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Do I have to order every week?

There is no requirement to order every week, though we do assume that most people won’t spend their total share for the season in one or two weeks. That could be a problem!

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U-Pick Blueberries

We offer u-pick blueberries for 3 to 4 weeks from mid-July to early/mid August.
The three different varieties are well-established, very productive, and unsprayed. And very tasty! They also freeze beautifully. For our own use in the off-season we pick into containers and place them right into the freezer. The berries stay separate, without clumping in a frozen mass.

CSA members receive a 15% discount off the u-pick blueberry price. They’re not included in a CSA member’s share price unless we pick them for you. If we pick them then there’s no discount.

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How do I join?

1) Email or call 878-2063 to confirm that space is available.

2) Go to the “sign in” link on the website and follow the instructions for setting up an account.

3) Go to the “membership" section of the "Qs and As” and choose a share price.

4)See the “payment” section of the “Qs and As” for the payment schedule.

5) Send a check made out to Tim Winship and mail to PO Box 143, Temple NH 03084.

Once I get your first payment I’ll enter it into your account and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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  1. We have different levels of membership for an 18 week season. The minimum share is $200 and then they increase by $50 increments.

Besides the produce of your choice, being a member includes a 15% discount on the price of our u-pick blueberries.

Each $50 increase in the share price represents about a $3.00 increase in the amount of produce per week when averaged over the 18 week season.

$200 – approximately $11 of produce/week.

$250 – $14/week.
$300 – $17/week.
$350 – etc.
$400 –
$450 –
$500 –
$550 -
$600 -

And so on – you can choose any share price above $600 in a $50 increment. For example, $650 or $700 or $950 or $1000 etc.

After you pay for a share the money goes into your account on the website as a balance. As you order during the season the balance gets drawn down until the account is empty. (see “What if I run out of money…”) below

Questions? Email or call 878-2063.

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Payment of a share for the season can be made in up to three installments.

The first third of the share is due by Jan. 15, the second is due by March 15, and the last payment is due by May 15.

If you need to pay less than 1/3 for the first payment that’s okay, too.

Of course, anyone is welcome to pay their full share by the first or second due dates, but it’s not expected.

If you’re joining after Jan.15 or Mar. 15 please pay at least a portion of your share when you open an account and then in full by May 15.

Payment can be by check, made out to Tim Winship, and sent to PO Box 143, Temple, NH 03084.

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What if I run out of money in my account before the season is over?

This is a tricky one. Please read to the end.

Because the amount remaining in your account at the end of the season doesn’t roll over to the next year or get refunded, you want to choose a share amount that will carry you through the season without leaving any money in your account. How to do that?

If you’ve been a member already you should be able to estimate pretty well. If you’re new then you have to calculate as best you can based on the dollar value of veggies you think you will eat each week (see “membership” section above).

Because the best laid plans oft go astray, if you do run out of money, then AFTER OCTOBER 1 YOU CAN PAY AT PICK UP AT THE FARM OR MAIL A CHECK IF YOU PICK UP AT UNION MILL.

Why not let people do that as soon as they run out of money, regardless of the date? For this to work financially we need to know the total share amounts and receive as much up front payment as possible for two reasons. 1) It gives us an idea of how much to plant and how much seed to order. 2) It provides us with the funds needed to get the season up and running, and then cover expenses as the season goes along.

Questions? Call 878-2063 or email

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When do I order?

An e-mail reminder will be sent out Tuesday and orders must be placed on our website by Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m.

Ordering on the site will be disabled after 8:00 AM

Why no ordering after 8:00, you might ask? We head out to the field after 8:00, harvest list in hand, and it would complicate the process if we had to keep adding items to the original list.

If you’re late ordering you can send a list of what you want by email, but there’s no guarantees we will fill the order. We’ll let you know either way.

Please contact us if you have any questions about ordering.

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How will I know what's available to order each week?

When harvest begins you will be able to see on the website what’s available for that week. If it appears on the website then you can usually be confident that the item is available and in sufficient quantity to fill your order. Some times certain items may be limited and sold out by the time you order.

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What if my computer crashes?

Please call us at 878-2063 by Wednesday evening to order if you have a problem with your computer. Generally we want to avoid phone orders, but feel free in an emergency.

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When and Where do I pick up my order?

Pick-up will be on Fridays.

For the Peterborough area it will take place at The Union Mill at 374 Union St. in West Peterborough across from the road to McDowell Dam. Pick-up is in the lobby of the Mill opposite the rear door of Nature’s Green Grocer from 5 to 8 Friday evenings.

There will also be a pick-up here at the farm at 258 Cutter Rd. in Temple from 4:30 to 7:30 Fridays.

We leave a light on in the stand at the farm for those who need to pick-up after dark.

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What if I want to drop my membership?

If some change occurs in your life that means you’re unable to continue to order then we can discuss refunding the remaining portion of your payment. *However, the point of a CSA is that people are willing to make a commitment to the farm for the whole season so the reason for the refund should be compelling.

Of course, if for some reason we’re unable to provide any produce, other than due to the occasional crop failure or low yield, we’ll return any money remaining in your account.

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