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harvest time


Blueberries are beginning to show some color, tomatoes are turning in the greenhouse, cucumbers are sizing up, potatoes are flowering, garlic bulbs are getting bigger, and the lettuce patch is a pretty mix of colors.

After a long winter, a late spring, and a rainy June the harvest has begun. It’s a modest beginning because of the cold and wet in early June which slowed crops down, surprisingly even our lettuce and salad mix.

We have three kinds of beets, three kinds of squash, swiss chard, two kinds of parsley, some very nice basil, and shell peas.

Depending on the amount ordered I may have to limit the peas, but order what you want and hopefully we can provide the full amount.

PLEASE NOTE – orders need to be in by 8:00 Thursday evening. Late orders are okay if you forget, but 8:00 is best. Orders placed Friday morning are too late.

Pick-up is here at the farm from 4:30 to 7:30 and at Union Mill in Peterborough from 5 to 8.

Please make checks out to Tim Winship.

Call or email if you have any questions.

Despite the challenging weather, the crops are hanging in there and hopefully the season will be in full swing soon.

Thank you and enjoy,

End of the season

Greetings one last time in 2012,

The season is now truly over. I’ll get in touch in the New Year about the 2013 season.

Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays, have a good winter, and thank you all once again for your support.


last order


PICK-UP for the last order will be NEXT WEDNESDAY 11/14 at the same time and places as usual – both the farm and Union Mill. ORDERS CAN BE PLACED anytime between now and Tuesday 11/13 at 8:00.

I’ll send out a reminder email this Sunday. Let me know if you have any questions.

There’s not too much to order, but I thought we would have one last go-round.

I can’t do an order this week because the water line to the wash shed is frozen. Next week is supposed to be milder.

We’ve harvested the last of the cabbage, gathered up the remaining onions from their curing racks, and put several layers of row cover over the carrots. Leeks and kale are still out in the field. The deer are starting to nibble on the kale which seems to be one sign that they know what’s coming. They always leave it alone until there’s not much else to choose from on the farm. Or maybe they just prefer it after it’s been through some hard frosts.

Also, the garlic has been planted, cover crops sown, irrigation lines put away, and soon the greenhouse and hoop house will be cleaned out and closed up for the winter. We have a wonderfully large pile of wood chips from the people clearing limbs for PSNH which will get spread as mulch on the blueberries this fall or in the spring.

After everything has been cleaned up and put away – let it snow.


Almost over


Between last week’s bulk order and our last market today in Newton there’s not too much left in the field or barn.

We still have carrots, red and green cabbage, leeks, Winterbor and Lacinato kale, and a few Ailsa Craig, Tropea, and Copra onions. The prices given are for any amount.

We’ll have an order this week. Next week I’m away. After that, if we still have some produce, I’ll offer it as long as it lasts or until there’s no more interest. Any orders placed week after next or later would have to be picked up at the farm.

We went from the hot March to the May freeze, from the July drought to the torrential rain and hail of early August, through the gauntlet of pests and diseases, and throughout the season, wild turkeys. In the end, thanks to your support, we had the best online market yet, and our best season overall. Thank you for trusting us to provide fresh, organic vegetables and blueberries for another season.