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u-pick blueberry season is over


This is just to let you know that the blueberries are now few and far between so the u-pick season is over for this year.


The order is on !

Hello again,

Long-time helper Madeleine has arranged to be able to do the order this week so we’re good to go. Much thanks to her!

As I mentioned before, if you can order today that will be helpful, but tomorrow is okay as well.




This email is late this week because I have a foot injury that doesn’t want to heal, probably because I haven’t let it by continuing to work every day. I decided last night that I have to mostly stay off my feet the rest of this week to try to get better.

I’m getting in touch with a couple of experienced people to see if they would be able to harvest and put the orders together. I should know by later today if that’s going to happen.

Please go ahead and order and if I can’t get the help I need I’ll cancel the orders by tomorrow at noon or so. If I do get help I’ll confirm that as soon as I know.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

It would be helpful if you could order by tonight or tomorrow morning, but not essential.

We’re in an arugula and salad mix lull right now. The blueberries are still available for u-pick through this weekend, but we’re not picking for market anymore.

We’ve added green beans and Purple Majesty potatoes. These potatoes will probably be on the smaller side because the potato leaf hopper has been active this year, damaging the foliage which reduces the growth of the tuber.

Squash is in a slow period so we may have to give you what variety we have. This might not be the same as what you order. If you don’t want a substitute please say so in the comment section.

Happy August and thank you for your orders.


Garlic and more


Tomorrow is garlic harvest day so we’ll have it to order for this week’s market.

We’ve also added Sakura cherry tomatoes which are larger than our usual variety and well-received at farmer’s market this year. Later, we’ll also have Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes from the field, nature willing.

Pepper and eggplant amounts are a guess. Maybe now that summer is here they’ll finally be plenty before too long.

Like last week, if you want blueberries it’s helpful to us if you order by Wednesday night.

Blueberries are still abundant for u-pick.

We got sadly surprised by porcupines this week who got into the first planting of broccoli and much of the cabbage and largely destroyed it all very quickly. I’ve never seen that before! We’ll be diligent now about keeping them out of later plantings.

Enjoy the summer weather or keep cool, and thank you for your orders.


what's new


We’re adding red potatoes and a few eggplant and greenhouse tomatoes this week. Like the peppers, the eggplant and tomatoes are slow to come along. Hopefully next month they’ll hit their stride.

The blueberry picking is excellent right now. U-pick is Sun. 8 to 5. It’s best to bring your own containers, but we do have quart boxes if you don’t.

If possible, please order by Wednesday night if you want blueberries as well as veggies to give us time to pick the berries on Thursday. But if you don’t get the chance to order them until Thursday that’s okay, too.

After a long break it looks like we’ll be dusting off the irrigation system this week. Hopefully, the dry weather will also enable us to make some progress on the weeds.

We’re still busy planting lettuce and fall crops like kale, as well as the last planting of squash and cucumbers.

The garlic harvest should take place in the next week or two, with the first onions coming in not long after that.

Thank you for your orders.


blueberries and peppers

Greetings from the farm,

We’ve added blueberries and some peppers this week. There are a few of each variety.

If you want blueberries it’s helpful to order early so we can start picking on Thursday.

Peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes are slow to grow in this weather we’ve been having. Even the greenhouse tomatoes are slow to ripen. Kind of odd, but every season has it’s quirks.

U-pick blueberries are available Wed. to Sun 8 to 5. The price is $2.35/lb. for online members. It’s best to bring your own containers, though we do have quarts and pint boxes for people to use.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the veggies and thank you for your orders.


U-pick blueberries open this weekend!


U-pick blueberry season has begun. We’ll be open this weekend, Sat. and Sun. 8 to 5 and then Wed. to Sun. 8 to 5 for the rest of the blueberry season.
The price is $2.35/lb. for online members and 2.60/lb. for the general public.


What's new


New this week will be sugar snap peas.

I’ve also added a few cucumbers. They’re slow to come with the cool weather we’ve had (59 degrees here on the 4th!)so I’m guessing as to how many there might be by Friday. If cukes are sold out on the site you can ask for how many you would like in the comment section and we’ll provide if possible

Blueberries are starting to ripen. If we can be open for u-pick this weekend I’ll send an email. U-pick will certainly begin by next Wednesday 7/15 and we should be picking for the online market next week.

Greenhouse tomatoes and peppers in the field are also waiting for consistently warmer weather.

Thank you for your orders last week.


Lettuce begin !


We’re ready to start the harvest this week.

I include shell peas on the list, but that may be optimistic. They’re close to being ready, but I can’t be sure we’ll be able to pick by Friday. We’ll hope for the best!

With the cooler weather we’ve had the lettuce is also slightly behind schedule. I’ll lower the price a bit if the heads are smaller than usual.

It looks like it’ll be a lovely day today so we’ll be focusing on getting a good jump on the weeds which have been enjoying all the recent rains.

Overall, the crops look good and when warmer weather arrives we should be off and running.

Blueberries may begin next week. Certainly by the week after.


Harvest begins next week !


The first market will be next Friday, July 3.

You can place your orders beginning Tuesday, June 30 (the website will be updated and ready for ordering by that day.)

Orders should be in by Thursday, July 2 at 8:00. (the sooner the better)

Pick-up will be from 4:30 to 7:30 at the farm and from 5:00 to 8:00 in the lobby of the Union Mill. The entrance to the lobby is across from the back door of Nature’s Green Grocer.

We’ll have carrots, basil, swiss chard, scallions, curly and Italian parsley, arugula, and squash. And maybe shell peas, salad mix, lettuce, and beets, depending on growth rates in this spell of cooler weather. If an item is listed on the website next Tuesday then we’ll have it to offer. If not, then it’s not ready.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.