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We’re now open for u-pick blueberries Wed. – Sun. 8-5. The price is $2.55/lb. ($3.00/ lb. for non-members). Bring your own containers or we can provide.

Last week’s heat was brutal, needless to say. One casualty was the snap peas, as well as a lot of overripe Sakura cherry tomatoes and bolted basil in the greenhouse. And wilted farmers. I hope you found your produce to be all right, despite the heat.

PLEASE NOTE – There’s a one pint limit per order for blueberries. Blueberries take a long time to pick and there’s a lot of other veggies to harvest. COME PICK YOUR OWN! FRESH AIR, EXERCISE, AND CHEAPER PRICE!

There’s also a one pint limit for Sakuras. The Sakuras are popular so we want to spread them around. I planted more of them this year, but they’re not producing a lot more than last season.

For both of them, if you want more than one pint please ask in the comment section as usual and we’ll see what we can do.

No salad mix this week, a rare occurence. The heat plus a previous torrential rain that washed away a lot of seed are the reasons.

I hope you all survived the heat okay. Just think how cold we were in the winter!

Thanks as ever for your orders.