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Some honey and spinach


The honey was extracted yesterday and we can offer some in 1/2 pound jars this week. The initial limit is one jar per household, but if you want more please ask in the comments section and we’ll provide if there’s extra. Any honey not ordered or asked for this week will be offered next week.

As for a bulk order, there isn’t much bulk to be had this season, except for potatoes, ginger, some garlic, and maybe a few onions and cabbage. Whatever is available next week will be discounted.

The deer pawed off the row cover from the remaining carrots in the field and ate every last one. There weren’t that many, but it was still an unwelcome surprise. I have a few in the cooler from last week, but that’s all that remains. It’s strange and unusual not to have bulk carrots for the winter. And sad.

We can make another harvest of spinach (if the deer don’t get it first!), as well as salad mix, arugula, and some lettuce from the greenhouse.

We’ve had a light frost and may get a freeze Thursday night. I know the season is winding down when I walk in the cooler and think for a second that the compressor isn’t working cause it feels so warm.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments as we wrap up the season.

Enjoy a few days of sun!