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What's ahead.


We have three markets left this season, the last one being October 26.

Most years we’ve had a bulk order at the end of the season when we offer mainly onions, carrots, and potatoes at a reduced price when bought in certain quantities.

This year there are only modest amounts of carrots and onions and a fair amount of potatoes. There may also be some ginger and garlic available at a discount.

So, the bulk order will be the last market in October at which time I’ll have an idea of how much is left to offer at a discount.

I haven’t had a chance to extract the honey, but will certainly offer it before the end of the month.

No frost yet, but maybe Saturday night. It’s definitely time!

Thank you for your patience about the early ordering last week. We had to go to Savannah, Georgia for a wedding. The temperature was in the 90s and at a farmer’s market we visited (of course) there was an abundance of all the summer vegetables, as well as peanuts, pecans, okra, grits, rice, and watermelon juice. I don’t know how farmers can work out in the fields with the heat they have, but they do.

Enjoy our cool fall weather!