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Fresh ginger and more lettuce


We’ll be doing the first harvest of the baby ginger this week. We don’t know what we’ll find until we start digging, but the plants look healthy so that’s a good sign. We sell it in 1/4 pound amounts. There’s more information in the market section.

The cooler weather has slowed some things down, but the lettuce is happy! Cucumbers not so much.

The basil has gotten the basil downy mildew, even though the variety was supposed to be resistant. So that’s it for basil.

We’ll harvest a few beets. They’ll be on the small side because they sat in wet soil for so long that their growth was held up.

Speaking of wet soil, I had to run up to Maine on Sunday for a family matter and stopped at the farm where I worked over 40 years ago (!!). They had hardly any rain all season and they’re probably only about 100 miles from here as the crow flies.

Thank you for your orders.