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Leeks, Kennebecs, a little lettuce and mix


Happy September and best wishes to returning students and teachers. Being married to a now-retired teacher I know first hand of at least one job that’s harder than farming.

Warm, humid weather continues and we’re back to irrigating. The last rain we had was 12 days ago. August is said to have been one of the hottest on record.

We’ve added leeks, as well as Kennebec potatoes, which many of you are familiar with from past years.

The greenhouse peppers are taking a break, but still setting fruit so we’ll see if more ripen red or orange.

We have a few more plantings of lettuce and continue to sow salad mix. Two sowings of mix went in the hoophouse, following the cucumbers that grew there, to avoid what had been so much torrential rain and they look well. We keep trying!

We’re picking from the third planting of field-grown cukes. So far so good. It’s rare to get any after mid-September and sometimes not even that long, so we shall see.

Next week may be the first ginger harvest. It’s been growing since late March, first very slowly in the house and then very slowly in the hoophouse, but hopefully there will be something to show for all that time.

Lastly, I know the broccoli you got last week didn’t look like the usual rounded heads. This was a result of the heat. We lost most of the first planting to the weather. If you had a problem with the quality other than appearance let me know and I can credit your account.

Thank you for your orders.