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bulk order this week


This is the bulk order week when a number of crops are discounted when you buy in quantity. The discounted price is given. If you order less than the discount quantity the regular price will apply. PLEASE READ THE NOTES AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH VEGETABLE LISTING FOR DETAILS.

Beets, carrots, celery root, leeks, and cabbage will all keep a long time if bagged and kept in the fridge. The root crops will also last if layered in damp leaves, straw, sand or some such and kept cold, but not freezing.

Potatoes should be kept cool – around 40 -and out of the light. We keep them covered in our basement. Some dampness/humidity is good.

Onions like it cool,dark, and dry.

Pick-up is the regular time. If it needs to be Saturday (here at the farm) just let me know.

The sooner you order the better for me so I can start harvesting before Friday.

I haven’t had time to extract the remaining honey, but hope to be able to offer some first to those who didn’t get any and would like some. Any left after that would be up for grabs. If you didn’t get any, but want some, you can add a note if you’re ordering or email me and I’ll make a list. Only one jar per household, please.

Maybe we’ll get an actual freeze this week! It will be the latest date in the almost 30 years we’ve been here. All the same, what a beautiful fall it has been.

Thank you for your orders.


Bulk order, winter orders, winding down


We’ve still had no serious frost, but many crops are gone by all the same because of declining quality or by being all harvested. But,it’s not over til it’s over and it’s not over yet.

This week will be a regular order with what remains. The price has come down a bit for carrots and celery root.

The Ailsa Craig onions are offered at half price because the top or neck of many of the onions are a bit soft, but most of the onion is still good. If you like the Ailsa Craigs I think you’ll find this worth it.

I _might _be able to find salad mix, at least baby lettuces, so I’ll leave it on the site. The regular lettuce is all gone.

BULK ORDER Next week will be our regular one-time bulk order when there will be a discount for a number of crops like potatoes, carrots and onions when you order 10 pounds or more. The discount prices will be on the site. If you order less than 10 pounds the regular price will apply. You’ll still be able to also order whatever else is available that week.

STORAGE CROPS Something new this year will be to offer certain crops every two weeks for as long as they last. We’ll store them here on the farm and you’ll be able to order through the website as usual. Pick-up will be during expanded hours on Fridays, but only here at the farm. The first of these orders will probably be Nov. 15 (and possibly the 22nd if people want produce closer to the holiday).

This is an experiment subject to major or minor tweaking. We’ll see how it goes. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Soon the garlic gets planted for next year and the great cleanup begins – pulling up and composting tomato vines from the hoophouse and greenhouse, taking up and putting away the irrigation lines, pulling up tomato and pepper stakes, putting away supplies and equipment, and harvesting and storing the root crops.

Missing red leaf?


I had an extra red leaf lettuce after putting together the orders today. I either picked an extra by mistake or someone didn’t get one.

If you’re missing a lettuce (or anything else for that matter) let me know and I’ll either deliver it to you or credit your account, whichever you prefer.

Thank you for all your orders.




I’m in the process of extracting honey and will have at least 25 pounds from this first round, with more to come when I finish up another day.

I’ve added honey to the market page so if you would like some you can order it today for tomorrow’s order pick-up. It will be automatically added to an existing order if you have one.

If you requested honey in the comment section of your order I’ll add it to your order without you having to order again.

It’s nice to think of some of the honey having been made from the nectar of the flowering crops on the farm. So not only do we get to enjoy fresh cucumbers and blueberries thanks to the honey bee and all the other pollinators, but we can enjoy the fruit of their nectar as well. Sweet bounty from the bees.


frosty morning and ginger


We had more of a frost than I had expected – I hadn’t expected any! I won’t know until the sun hits the plants if there was much damage. The first hard frost date has definitely been pushed back over the years. We used to routinely have a killing frost by the end of September, if not sooner.

If you ordered ginger don’t forget to pick it up here or at Union Mill. If I don’t see a regular order from you to which I would add your ginger, I’ll email you a reminder Thursday night or Friday morning.

We still have a little cauliflower and a small amount of broccoli. The broccoli would consist of small side shoots that appear after the main head is cut.

The Chioggia and golden beets are almost gone, but there are still plenty of red beets.

The Ailsa Craig and Tropea onions are getting low now and the garlic is gone.

This will be the last week for lettuce, with the Boston already over.

I’ll add honey tonight if I get to extracting today. Otherwise, I’ll have it for next week. You could check and order it separately if it’s available tonight and it will automatically be added to your previous order if you have one.

I’ll have info next week about the bulk order and a possible winter ordering arrangement.

Thanks for your orders,

fresh ginger


As some of you know, every year I’m able to get fresh, organic ginger at our Boston market from Old Friends Farm in Amherst,Ma. and pass it on to you.

It’s wonderful stuff, very aromatic and flavorful. It also freezes very well.

Their price is $12/lb and that’s what I would charge as well – not a get-rich- quick scheme on our part! A 1/4 pound gives you a good amount if you want to try it out.

I would need to know tonight if you would like any for this Friday so I can place an order with Old Friends early Monday morning and pick it up Tuesday at market.

Please email me tonight with the amount you want – 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb etc.

If you don’t see this in time I should be able to get more next week as well. They had a light crop this year so I can’t be sure.




I cut the broccoli and cauliflower this evening and found a few extra more than I had estimated earlier. If it was sold out when you ordered you could order it now and the site will combine it with your previous order.

Sorry for the late notice.


the reluctant summer


It looks like we’re in for one last(?) glimpse of summer today. It’s as reluctant to leave as winter was reluctant to leave in April. But it is October and the harvest season is slowly winding down. Because we’ve had such a run of beautiful weather with low humidity and no serious frost, the crops that remain in the field are generally in good shape.

We still have plenty of kale, chard, spinach, bok choy, lettuce and salad mix (for this week anyway),peppers, cabbage, carrots (now sold by the pound), beets, celery root, potatoes, onions, leeks, scallions, parsley, carrots, and tomatoes.

Other veggies are available in limited amounts. The cauliflower and broccoli are almost gone by. Cherry tomatoes may be available if the flavor is still good when I harvest them tomorrow. Garlic is almost gone – it was a light crop this year. I still have about 100 pounds of nice bulbs, but I have to use those to plant for next year.

We’ll have some honey to offer soon. I’ll be taking it off the hives today and hope to extract and bottle it next week. The bees in our two hives made quite a bit this year, beyond what they need for the winter.

Thank you for your orders and enjoy the lovely fall.


what's what


The site is now updated for the week. We’ve added some spinach and cauliflower.

I put up a conservative estimate of how much spinach is available this week. If it’s sold out, but you would like some you can request it in the comment section of your order and if possible we’ll add it to your order.

I have about 10 small eggplant to offer and that will probably be it for the season. Hopefully (as always), it will do better next year.

There are plenty of purple peppers on the plants, but they’re getting smaller so I’ll provide two for one, if necessary.

The bull’s horn peppers are understandably popular when a ripe red. I can’t guarantee redness if a lot are ordered, but we’ll do our best.

Regarding potatoes, for those who are new to this market you might wonder what the roughness is that you find on the skin sometime. It’s called scab and is caused by a soil organism that does well in conditions favorable to most vegetables. Avoiding the problem would require having a more acidic soil. Because we rotate our crops we have to maintain conditions tending towards neutral rather than acidic. The potatoes can still grow well, but so does the organism that causes scab. Fortunately, the problem is superficial and doesn’t affect flavor, cooking, or storage qualities.

Happy Fall,


updating site and ordering


Again this week I’ll make the rounds in the field tomorrow morning to see what’s what and update the site by 8:00 AM Wednesday. If you’re planning to order you can do so after the update.