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Almost over


Between last week’s bulk order and our last market today in Newton there’s not too much left in the field or barn.

We still have carrots, red and green cabbage, leeks, Winterbor and Lacinato kale, and a few Ailsa Craig, Tropea, and Copra onions. The prices given are for any amount.

We’ll have an order this week. Next week I’m away. After that, if we still have some produce, I’ll offer it as long as it lasts or until there’s no more interest. Any orders placed week after next or later would have to be picked up at the farm.

We went from the hot March to the May freeze, from the July drought to the torrential rain and hail of early August, through the gauntlet of pests and diseases, and throughout the season, wild turkeys. In the end, thanks to your support, we had the best online market yet, and our best season overall. Thank you for trusting us to provide fresh, organic vegetables and blueberries for another season.