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We had a hard frost last night, but between much of what remains being hardy and other things under row cover or in the greenhouses, there was nothing lost. And now it looks like we’re going to warm up a bit again for awhile.

We have some spinach this week. If it’s sold out and you want some you can ask for it in the comment section and we might have more. I usually try to underestimate amounts.

I didn’t estimate how many green and purple peppers there are so please also ask for those in the comment section. We can probably provide.

At this point it looks like we’ll continue through at least early November. There’s more lettuce and salad mix in the hoophouse, some spinach and beets, and plenty of onions, potatoes, leeks, bok choy, carrots, chard, brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and ginger. And maybe some more broccoli. So on we go.

Thanks as always for your orders.